Shoei Motorcycle Helmet Lifespan – Why Should You Choose Shoei Helmet As Safety Mean

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Shoei is a name that is promised to serve the best helmets in the market. Not only that, it serves record-breaking performance and the most stylish helmets. However, the lifespan of a helmet from this house is around 3 to 4 years. Yet, the best suggestion is to replace the helmet after 3 years of use.

At present, the cost of producing fast motorcycles is meagre; therefore, sportbikes with less engine configuration have become enormously popular.

Keeping that in mind, Shoei designed their helmets sturdy and less pricey than any other helmet manufacturing company. So, the Shoei motorcycle helmet lifespan is average but certified. Let’s know some more details about helmets from this house.

Shoei Helmet Models By Year – All The Best Models Of Shoei Have Released


When we ride a bike, there are several safety measures that we need to follow. And among all, a helmet is one that saves us from lethal injuries to our heads.

Hence, selecting a sturdy helmet is as important as fuel to your bike. Stuff like the Shoei W1 helmet or W3 is trendy as well that none can resist.

Here are the best creations based on years from this house mentioned below.

  1. In 1989, Shoei released a model that is RF 200.
  2. In 1991, Shoei released a model named VF-X Motorcross. People today are looking for Shoei VFX W helmet liner replacement and all. It was a legendary creation and more like an art to the bikers.
  3. In 2002, their X Eleven gained popularity massively.
  4. In 2007, Shoei released Multitec modular, then Neotec in 2012, and J Cruise in 2012.
  5. Hornet ADV, another helmet released in 2015, is no less than an achievement.

There are some other models, which have performed significantly in recent years. Yet, checking information like Shoei manufacture date W 3 is vital before you purchase, especially when you are purchasing from unauthorized shops.

Reasons For Using Shoei Helmet

 Shoei Helmet

The Shoei helmet has proved itself as one of the most sturdy helmets of all time. They hold all the qualifications that a perfect and safe helmet must meet.

But you must perform the Shoei helmet serial number lookup before purchasing one. Here are some of the aspects which prove that the Shoei helmets are definitely different from others.


All of the Shoei helmets are certified. It means those helmets hold the best safety guard system to prevent any shock on the head.

The shell and the impact absorption system are tremendously effective for any unwanted disaster.

Inner Surface

The usability does not rely on the outer surface only. It also relies on the inner surface of a helmet, the pads. If the pad is not convenient, it may cause hurt or injury. About the inner surface of a Shoei helmet, it is unbeatable.

Besides, all the elements of the inner pad are fully or partially replaceable. You can unhook all the pads and Shoei Multitec helmet liner replacement or wash them. Moreover, there is an extra option to adjust the surface.

Reduce The Wind Noise

The Shoei designs their helmet in such a creative way. We often experience the noise of the wind, which causes damage to our ears. From Shoei helmets, you can certainly be free from these problems.

All the models cut the airflow and reduce the wind noise enormously. In addition, the visors are rigid and nearly scratch-proof.

The Shoei is not just a brand but a trendy emotion for bikers. After serving for a long period, today, the Shoei is at a place that means a lot in the helmet industry. However, the number of clone helmets is not less.

So, you need to be more conscious than ever before purchasing one. About the Shoei motorcycle helmet lifespan, it would be best if you change the helmet after 3 years of utilization.


How can you tell the age of a Shoei helmet?

Answer: The Shoei manufactures the helmets with a manufacturing date. So, what you need to do is to find the UBG sticker in the helmet.

In the sticker, you will find a code. And the last digits of the codes are the year of manufacture.

How long is a helmet good for?

Answer: It completely depends on the brand you purchase. There are several brands that can serve you for seven years. On the other hand, some known brands can serve up to 3 years.

Now, it depends completely on your helmet’s brand and certification of temper. But you should also keep in mind that an injured helmet is never good enough to absorb any shock toward you.

Do helmets degrade over time?

Answer: Yes, helmets are meant to degrade it. And it entirely depends on how you use a helmet. The more it gets hurt, the more it loses its ability to save your injury.

Keeping all the facts aside, a helmet can last up to 5 to 7 years. Some helmets can last 10 years with no hassle. An average helmet holds the certification for 5 years.

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