How to lock your motorcycle helmet to your bike?

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If you have a motorcycle, a helmet is a mandatory accessory for both you and your bike. And, for many people, wearing helmets is voluntary. Studies have shown that wearing one can exponentially reduce the risk of head injuries or death by as much as 78-percent! Other than the obvious advantages of protecting your noggin, getting yourself a new helmet might be difficult if you don’t know How to lock your motorcycle helmet to your bike? Let’s know about that how it’s done.

What is The Fundamental Process to Lock a Helmet to a Bike?

Before we start, let me put this in perspective. You might be one of those people who thinks that you can’t lock your helmet on your bike. However, it is possible! But first, let me explain the fundamental process for locking a helmet on a bike.

Therefore, you’ve decided that wearing a helmet will prevent you from getting injured. But, how? That’s where locking mechanisms come in.

Fundamental Process to Lock a Helmet

The first step towards locking your helmet is to buy a locking mechanism. There are many such devices available, you just need to choose the right one. The basic concept is to lock your helmet using the locks on your bike.

How to Attach Helmet to Motorcycle?

Here, we’re going to talk about different ways to attach helmet to a motorcycle. Various methods exist with various benefits and drawbacks.

How to Attach Helmet to Motorcycle?

Locking your helmet by fixing it on the shaft drive

If you’re locking your helmet by fixing it on the shaft drive of a bike with shaft drive, here’s what you need to do:

Step-1: First, remove the rearview mirror from your bike.

Step-2: Hold the mirror in one of your hands and let it hang down with its bottom folded back towards its other side.

Step-3: Take your helmet and hold it in the hand that’s holding the mirror.

Step-4: Keep your other hand free. Now, bring the helmet close to the bike and press it on the shaft drive using both hands.

Step-5: Secure everything with a rubber band.

Step-6: Now, you can lock your helmet without having to hold it in place, though you’ll need a combination lock or key lock if you’re using the lock system that comes with your helmet.

Most manufacturers recommend that you use their locking mechanisms with their helmets. It’s to ensure that everything works as it should, and it’s also good for business.

If you do have a helmet with a built-in locking system, it might be an electronic mechanism that’s embedded in the helmet. In this case, your helmet will lock itself to the bike automatically. Your headgear may not need to be locked in place by hand.

Latching Your Helmet to Bikes That don’t Have Shaft Drives

Now, let’s talk about latching your helmet to bikes that don’t have shaft drives. These are usually vehicles with rear sprockets or rear gears and drive chains instead of shaft drives.

You’ll come across this type of lock a lot in everyday life. Because most bikes these days don’t use shaft drives even if they have sprockets or gears. If you want to fix the helmet to the bike, you may need to buy an extra bracket.

The most straightforward solution for attaching your helmet to the bike is using a clip. This is used on traditional bikes with shaft drive and rear sprockets. This is the option that works best on mountain bike helmets, but it’s also the easiest type of lock to install.

Step-1: To install this type of lock, you’ll need some screws or a bolt and a nut.

Step-2: Make sure that your headgear is securely fastened to your bike so that it doesn’t fall off when you’re not riding it.

Step-3: Now, screw or bolt the clip into a hole in the front of your helmet, and then attach the nut to attach it to the rear sprocket drive. Make sure that the nut is tight when you’re done.

Step-4: Make sure that the nuts of your helmet are tight and that they can’t be pulled off by accident. Your headgear will need to be replaced if this happens.

The most basic, least expensive, and simple type of lock is a key lock. You can use it if you have a bike helmet with no other ways of attaching it to something.

You can get this type of lock cheaply from most bike shops and online stores. You’ll need to buy either a key or keypad for this lock, but you shouldn’t have a problem finding a lock that fits your helmet.

This is kind of like the chain and cable locks, but it’s longer and uses a carabiner which allows you to make easy adjustments to the length of the cable as you want. This will work for both full-face and open-face helmets.

This type of locking system is much like the cable lock, but instead, it’s made for open-face helmets. You’ll have to find something that’s used for this type of task. It’s much harder to find than a simple cable lock, so you may have to spend more money in order to get one.

Final word:

Helmets are expensive and a must-have safety item for all bikers. If you leave your helmet unattended it can get stolen. Locking it on your bike means you don’t have to worry about theft since the bike is too heavy for anyone to take. Many bikers leave their helmets in plain sight, which is an invitation for thieves.

In order to make sure your bike helmet is safe enough to use on a regular basis, it needs to fit properly. The ideal way for this is by going to a specialized store or at least by checking out their website. You will also find experts who can help you make sure that your helmet fits you properly and that it’s not too uncomfortable.

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