Who is Producing BMW Helmets?

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BMW, synonymous with performance, innovation, and cutting-edge technology, is not limited to automobiles and motorcycles. The prestigious brand has made a name in protective gear, particularly helmets. But who is behind the creation of BMW helmets? Let’s delve deeper into this subject.

Who is producing BMW helmets

BMW Helmets: The Genesis

The history of BMW helmets goes back to the early days of the company’s foray into motorcycle production. As BMW built motorcycles designed to perform, they recognized the need for safety gear that could match their vehicles in terms of quality and performance. This commitment to safety and performance laid the foundation for developing BMW helmets.

Production and Quality Control

The production of BMW helmets follows the same principles of precision, detail, and quality that the company applies to its vehicles. BMW has entrusted the production of its helmets to several manufacturers over the years, including well-established names such as Schuberth and Nolangroup.


Schuberth, a German-based company, has been one of the primary producers of BMW helmets. The firm is celebrated for its commitment to research and development, using aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, and biomechanics to create helmets that provide optimum safety and comfort.


Nolangroup, an Italian manufacturer, is another important contributor to the production of BMW helmets. The company is famed for its innovative designs and advanced materials, aligning perfectly with BMW’s ethos of technological advancement and quality.

Distinctive Features of BMW Helmets

The manufacturers producing BMW helmets ensure each product lives up to the brand’s legacy. Key features of these helmets include superior noise cancellation, effective ventilation, and ergonomic design for comfort during long rides. Additionally, BMW helmets offer state-of-the-art safety features such as integrated sun visors, anti-fog double glazing, and high-visibility reflectors.

Who is producing BMW helmets

Future of BMW Helmets

As BMW continues to innovate in its vehicle range, the same spirit of innovation can be expected to apply to its helmet line. With manufacturers like Schuberth and Nolangroup at the helmets, the future of BMW helmets focuses on smart helmet technology, including heads-up displays, enhanced communication systems, and even more advanced safety features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who produces BMW helmets?

BMW collaborates with prominent helmet manufacturers, primarily Schuberth and Nolangroup, to produce helmets. These companies align with BMW’s commitment to innovation, quality, and safety.

What are some distinctive features of BMW helmets?

BMW helmets are renowned for their superior noise cancellation, effective ventilation, ergonomic design, and advanced safety features such as integrated sun visors, anti-fog double glazing, and high-visibility reflectors.

What safety standards do BMW helmets meet?

Depending on the model, BMW helmets are designed to meet, and often exceed, all relevant safety standards, including DOT (Department of Transportation), SNELL, and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe).

Can I use a BMW helmet with any motorcycle?

Yes, while BMW helmets are designed to complement BMW motorcycles, they can be used effectively with any motorcycle. Their features are universal for rider comfort and safety.

How should a BMW helmet fit?

A BMW helmet should fit snugly around your head without causing discomfort. It should not move around on your head when you shake your head from side to side or up and down.

How often should I replace my BMW helmet?

Replacing your helmet every 5 years or immediately after a crash or impact is generally recommended. Even if the helmet appears undamaged, it might have suffered internal structural damage that could affect its performance in case of an accident.

What is the future of BMW helmets?

The future of BMW helmets lies in the field of smart helmet technology. This includes heads-up displays, enhanced communication systems, and even more advanced safety features.


So, who is producing BMW helmets? The answer lies in the collaborative efforts of BMW and reputed manufacturers like Schuberth and Nolangroup. These partnerships ensure that BMW helmets offer the same level of performance, safety, and comfort that riders have come to expect from BMW’s esteemed vehicles. With ongoing research and development, these helmets are poised to keep setting the future standard for motorcycle safety gear.

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