H1Z1 Tactical Helmet vs Motorcycle Helmet

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A motorcycle helmet is one of the most important safety gears you need to consider if you’re a biker. Choosing a Dot-approved helmet is a necessity, not an option. The style and design of motorcycle helmets, however, evolved significantly over the years. One of such changes has been the popularity of h1z1 tactical helmets, and in this article, we’ll discuss the differences between h1z1 tactical helmets and motorcycle helmets.

Tactical helmets were originally made to be used in battle situations. The military personnel commonly use them because they protect heads from small caliber rounds and shrapnel. The helmets became popular among general people recently because of their versatility. 

What Are Tactical Helmets?

In the past, the primary material of tactical helmets was leather but the progress in the field of weapon technology has also upgraded these helmets. The materials now used to make these helmets are carbon fiber, Kevlar, and strong plastic. They are much lighter and more resilient. The inner padding and the ergonomic shapes offer a high level of comfort. While ancient tactical helmets could protect the head against stones and arrowheads, the modern ones have advanced so far that they can now stop the gunfire.

In addition to safety and comfort, these helmets are equipped with a variety of fittings that allow you to attach a variety of equipment and accessories, such as cameras, night vision goggles, communication devices, lights, and more.

Types of Tactical Helmets

There are two main types of tactical helmets:

  • Bump helmets
  • Ballistic helmets

Bump Helmets

These helmets protect against low-velocity projectiles such as shrapnel, falling debris, and ricochets, etc.  They are, however, not capable to offer protection against gunfire. Bump helmets have a platform where you can mount different accessories such as night-vision goggles, hearing protection, and communication devices.

The main advantages of bump helmets are that they are lightweight and comfortable. They are also cheaper, making them an ideal choice for training aids. Pilots and paratroopers are seen to wear them in combat.

Ballistic Helmets

Ballistic helmets offer protection against bullets, blunt impact, shrapnel, and other threats. They are made of a strong material known as Aramid fiber.  Aramid fibers are woven together to form a super-strong thread. The combination of these fibers can be spun together to create a strong, lightweight material that, when processed properly, can protect against gunfire.

Ballistic helmets have gone through scores of innovations and re-designs to be the helmet as we know them today. This type of helmet is one of the most notable pieces of personal protective equipment we have today that has strengthened the safety of people in law enforcement, the military even civilians around the world.

What Are Tactical Helmets Used For?

H1Z1 Tactical Helmet vs Motorcycle Helmet

1. Protection against home invaders and armed thieves

The people who purchase tactical helmets mostly do so because these helmets provide excellent protection against intruders and armed robbers. Plus, if you have a pair of night goggles, you will have the advantage over your assailant of seeing in the dark.

2. Protection during tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes

If the increasing rate of tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes worries you, having a bump helmet may give you some sense of satisfaction. Even if it can’t save your head from a bullet, it can protect your head from a piece of falling furniture or debris during the hazards.

3. Offer additional support for hunters

The platform these helmets offer to mount accessories makes it an ideal gear for hunters who want record the scenery or the animals as they proceed. They can simply mount a GoPro camera to get it done. And if your states allow hunting at night, you can get night vision optics to see better in the dark.

4. Useful for maintenance work

If you want to do any maintenance work at home, these helmets can be an aid too. From cutting branches to repairing windows to virtually any repairs you make above the ground level, you can have additional support if you wear these helmets. Accessories such as face shields, air filters, and noise protection can all be added to these helmets.

5. Another notable usage

You can use these helmets at extreme helmets such as climbing, base jumping, motorcycling, etc. They’re useful if you want to videotape your entire experience or if you need a lighting option that doesn’t require you to use your hands.

How Are Tactical Helmets Different from Motorcycle Helmets?

Motorcycle helmets are designed with the sole purpose of protecting your head during any collision. Unlike tactical helmets, these helmets cover the whole face. As a result, if you run into an accident, it significantly lowers the risk of neck, spine, or any other major head injuries.

Motorcycle helmets not only protect your head but also the nose, jawbones, and skin. This is because when you run into a collision, you’re most likely to lose control over the direction and the behavior of the body.

They’re made to break and absorb shock. When your head comes into touch with a stationary obstacle, such as a car or the road surface, a combination of a hard exterior and a foam interior gradually decelerates your head.

Motorcycle helmets are typically smooth, aerodynamic, and may include ventilation holes. The visor is constructed of a thin plastic sheet that allows the rider to see the road ahead clearly. When driving at high speeds, also shields the face from the wind and insects. Some motorcycle helmets include a GoPro camera mount for recording.

How Are Tactical Helmets Different from Motorcycle Helmets?


Drawing a clear comparison between h1z1 tactical helmets and motorcycle helmets isn’t straightforward because they both are designed for their distinct purposes: they both keep your head safe but in different scenarios.

Just as a ballistic helmet does not have to be aerodynamic or protect your jawbones or skin, a motorcycle helmet does not have to catch a bullet or have a mount for NVG.

Simply put, both types of helmets are great in keeping you safe but they have different purposes. 

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