What To Do with Old Motorcycle Helmets

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If you have an old motorcycle helmet you want to get rid of but just aren’t sure about what to do with old motorcycle helmets, then here is a quick guide to help you decide the best way you can dispose of your old motorcycle helmet.

There are many ways to deal with an old motorcycle helmet, you can donate it, recycle it, or just downright destroy it.

Let’s go over some of the best ways of disposing of or recycling old motorcycle helmets.

Old Motorcycle Helmets

Donating the Helmet

If you don’t want to merely throw away your previous helmet, instead wish to put it to good use then donating is the best choice for you.

Remember you must never donate or gift an old motorcycle helmet to a motorcyclist for use because it will put them in danger.

That said, you can consider donating your helmet to:

  • Motorcycle helmet aggregation organizations
  • Emergency Services coaching center
  • Elementary Schools
  • Art Schools

Motorcycle helmet aggregation organizations

If you don’t want to put in too much thought into how to dispose of your old motorcycle helmet and conveniently have an organization that collects old motorcycle helmets near you then you can consider donating to them.

They collect old motorcyclists’ helmets and based on how old the helmets are, will put them to good use.

Donating helmets you hardly ever used and just outgrew to such organizations is an excellent idea.

Emergency Services training center

Emergency Services training center

One of the best things you can do with your old helmet is donating it to an emergency services training center like a fire station or a police officer near you.

In such centers, people use old helmets to train for emergency situations where they might have to deal with people in broken helmets caught in an accident.

Donating a damaged old helmet with the chinstraps still intact is particularly useful for them as they can practice how to properly remove a damaged helmet from someone in case of an emergency.

Elementary School

You can also consider donating your old helmet to a close-by elementary school.

Teachers typically accept such donations as they can use the helmet for a variety of fun activities with the children throughout playtime.

Be sure to confirm the school accepts such donations but either consulting a teacher or the school authorities.

Art School

If you have a cool-looking old helmet you should consider donating it to an art school.

The students often practice by drawing common household objects so the helmet works as a sculpture for them to practice with.

Moreover, some artists might take a liking to your helmet and paint over it turning it into a work of art.


Recycling an old motorbike helmet by throwing it into a recycle bin or by taking it to a recycling center close to you isn’t possible.

This is because motorcycle helmets are made of a variety of materials that are hard to separate. As every material has a distinctive recycling procedure, motorcycle helmets often just get thrown away.

This doesn’t mean they can not be recycled. Old motorcycle helmets can be reused in a variety of ways such as:

  • Decoratives
  • Pots and buckets
  • Nest for birds


If you have got a hobby in arts and crafts then the perfect way for you to utilize an old motorcycle helmet is to use it as a decorative showpiece.

You can practice your painting skills on the helmet’s outer shell. The finished product will be a unique artwork you can hang in your room, home, or garage.

You can even sell the helmets as decoratives.

Pots and Buckets

You can rework your old helmet into a pot or a bucket. You have to make sure that the visor and its opening mechanism are tightly sealed so that anything stored within does not leak out. This can be done using super glue.

The helmet works as an aesthetic pot for small plants if you fill it up with fresh soil and pour in a bit of clean water.

The sealed helmet can also be used as a storage container or simply as a bucket.

Nest for Birds

An old motorcycle helmet is a perfect object for making a bird’s nest. Fill up the helmet with twigs, straw, and wool.

 The visor works as a doorway for the birds to enter. The chinstrap can be used to hang the helmet and the open top allows for ventilation and light to enter the nest.

Destroying the helmet

If you still wish to just throw the helmet away, you can consider demolishing it.

You can either take it apart piece by piece to learn about the different parts the make up the helmet and later recycle the parts individually.

Or you could destroy your old motorcycle helmet, either with a sledgehammer or a hydraulic press while capturing the destruction on a camera. It’s sure to get you a good number of likes and views.


The possible ways of getting rid of an old motorcycle helmet are endless and it is up to you to decide what to do with your old motorcycle helmets.

You can take an idea from this guide and experiment with your old motorcycle helmet to reuse it, donate it, or just get rid of it in a fun and environment-friendly way.

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