Best Modular Helmets under 200$ Review & Top Picks

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The modular helmet has long been popular among commuters, tourers, and even riding instructors worldwide. It offers the comfort, practicality, and convenience everyone wants without compromising the safety of a full-face helmet.

Instead of taking off your helmet entirely, you can flip up the chin bar to look around, take a fresh breath, talk to someone or eat and drink something.

If you are looking for suggestions to get the best modular helmet for cruisers, you’ve come to the right place. Finding an excellent modular helmet can be tricky as you must consider different factors like build, material, ventilation, size, comfort, and, most importantly, safety.

For your convenience, we’ve reviewed five of the best modular helmets under $200 that meet all the above criteria. To find your best fit, check out our in-depth review below.

5 Products at a Glance

ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – Best Bluetooth Modular Helmet

This helmet has a built-in Bluetooth com system and noise suppression along with regular modular helmet features.

ILM Motorcycle Modular Helmet – Best Dual Visor Modular Helmet

Dual visors, one clear and one tinted, make your ride more convenient both day and night.

ILM Pinlock Visor Modular ATV Helmet – Best Stylish and Versatile Modular Helmet

Unlike other modular helmets, this one has a bold and sporty look. You can use it for off-road activities or sports too.

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet – Best Budget Modular Helmet

This modular helmet packs many valuable features that other pricier options fail to provide at a relatively lower price.

Vega Caldera 2 Modular Helmet – Best Minimalistic Looking Modular Helmet

If you want to keep things simple and just safety is your primary focus, you should get this modular helmet.

ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – Best Bluetooth Modular Helmet

ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip up Full Face Dual Visor

Features and Specifications

  • DOT and ECE certification
  • Made out of quality ABS shell
  • Integrated Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Two built-in speaker and noise cancellation microphones
  • The battery provides 12 hours of phone talk time, 8 hours of intercom talk time, and 110 hours of standby
  • Intercom system for rider-to-rider communication
  • Maximum intercom coverage of 500 meters.
  • DSP Echo cancellation and noise suppression technology

ILM is famous as the manufacturer of some of the best Bluetooth-integrated helmets out there. This modular helmet features a fully integrated Bluetooth system. The installation method is simple too, so it doesn’t get tricky.

There is a built-in headphone and microphone for people who frequently get calls and don’t want to stop every time.

With the help of a one-touch control panel, you can answer, reject or even redial calls too. When you get a call, the audio overrides any other sound in the system. You can easily stay connected with your group without any hassle within a 500-meter range.

Sound suppression is another strong suit of this modular helmet. This helmet features DSP Echo Cancellation technology with the help of two built-in speakers to remove the noise, allowing you to answer your calls without disturbance.

Excellent ventilation makes it a perfect choice for both winter and summer. There are three intake vents, and all of them are adjustable. So, whether you need fresh air or keep the warmth inside the helmet, you can do both because of the adjustable vents.

At the front, this modular helmet has a dual visor, one internal and one external. Operating the internal visor is simple as you can control using a switch on the helmet’s side. The external visor is scratch-resistant too.

There are four different colour options, and they look pretty great with the quality paint job. As per safety, this helmet has the DOT and ECE certifications, meaning you can use them without worrying about safety.

  • No compromise with different safety certifications
  • Dual visor ensures the safest rides
  • Long battery life
  • Great design and build quality
  • Four different colour and size options available
  • It comes with a battery and charger
  • Adjustable ventilation system
  • It only works with other ILM Bluetooth modular helmets
  • No anti-fog visor, as you have to buy it separately

ILM Motorcycle Modular Helmet – Best Dual Visor Modular Helmet

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

Features and Specifications

  • High resistance ABS shell
  • DOT and ECE certification
  • Modular flip-up function
  • Fog and scratch-resistant face shield
  • Dual visor at the front

Another grand entry in our list from ILM that packs a lot of valuable features. First of all, let’s talk about the LED lights. This particular modular helmet has bright, large red Led lights behind the helmet.

You can also change the light’s function and flashing speed with the help of the control button. The purpose of these lights is to make you visible at night to create an extra layer of security.

Like most other modular helmets on the market, it has a typical hinge design. This design will allow you to swap between the visors. You can easily detach the visor, too, so that you clean it after a long ride.

Both visors have anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. You can use the clear one for the night, while the tinted one is for daytime use. 

A polyester-made chin strap with the helmet is an excellent alternative to a traditional D-ring strap so that the helmet fits perfectly on your chin. The quick strap system allows the rider to remove the helmet quickly. Ear liners and chick pads of this helmet are removable and washable.

The ventilation system is considered good on the side and from the helmet. You can open and close the vents depending on your preference and weather conditions. However, If you decide to keep it open, expect some wind noise inside.

There is an extra feature that many other modular helmets miss: the chin curtain. Chin curtains can help you avoid rain, freezing wind, bugs, or dust.

Simple hinge mechanics will allow you to flip up the chin guard and have some fresh air on the road. This type of hinge design tends to add extra weight to your helmet, but this helmet is pretty lightweight because of ABS materials.

  • It comes with a LED lights at the back
  • Features chin curtain
  • Adjustable vents ensure excellent ventilation
  • Removable liner
  • Lightweight build
  • Different color and size options
  • Quick-release strap system
  • The inner visor may touch your nose sometime
  • Screws tend to get loose

ILM Pinlock Visor Modular ATV Helmet – Best Stylish and Versatile Modular Helmet

ILM Motorcycle Full Face Modular ATV Helmet Three in One Casco with Pinlock Anti Fog Visor for Men Women

Features and Specifications

  • DOT and ECE certification
  • Three-in-one style
  • Comes with Pinlock EVO fog-resistant insert
  • Faceguard lock system
  • Comtex technology liner inside

Last entry from ILM in our list, this is one of the most stylish and versatile modular helmets available around. Without compromising the safety or features, ILM successfully built a modular helmet that’s usage is not limited to the road only. It features both DOT and ECE certification.

You can always wear this modular helmet with mountain bikes or other sports activities. Only a handful of other modular helmets have this kind of wide array of features.

The Pinlock lens used for the visor is something that ILM advertised a lot, and as per our research, it’s worth every bit of attention. The pinlock insert provided with the helmet increases the visual clarity dramatically. This feature is beneficial in foggy weather and for off-road activities. The pin-lock insert doesn’t come pre-applied. You can install it whenever you want.

The ventilation mechanism is more operational on this helmet because of the placement of the vents. Cool air from the front creates front-to-back airflow. Then after passing through the helmet, the hot passes by the exhaust vent at the back. 

Almost everything, including the liner and cheek pads inside, are removable and washable. Using the comtex technology, the liner of this helmet can efficiently dissipate humidity and moisture. The places are very soft and can keep your head and neck warm in winter.

The sun shield visor can help you ride on sunny days. Activating the shield is pretty easy, too, by the slide switch by the side of the modular helmet. This helmet also has enough room inside to install any com system or speaker.

  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Internal lines and pads are removable and washable
  • Space inside for com systems
  • Great ventilation performance
  • Versatile use
  • Provides great comfort
  • It comes with a chin curtain
  • Visor toggle switch
  • Comes
  • Some people may find it a bit heavy
  • Sizing may differ from other models/ brands because of the padding inside

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet – Best Budget Modular Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Flip up Dual Visor Helmet

Features and Specifications

  • DOT, ECE, and CAPA certification
  • UV protected finish
  • Aerodynamic ABS shell with multi-density EPS material
  • Six air vents at different sides
  • Dual lens design with fog and wind-resistant visors

We chose this helmet for people who want to get the best value for their money. Not very long ago, 1Storm released this beautiful modular helmet, and since its release, it has become the number-one choice for budget motorcycle riders. Considering the low price it has, it provides some essential features that make it

For a moderate cost, this modular helmet has a lot to offer in design and overall build. First of all, you get seventeen different colour options to buy one to match the colour of your bike. This modular helmet is super durable and lightweight, weighing only 3.9 pounds and made from thermoplastic ABS alloy.

This modular helmet’s dual-lens design is praiseworthy for a price of under 100$. An inner visor and an outer visor allow you to choose depending on when you are riding. A tinted visor inside will protect your vision if you are riding in broad daylight.

The outer visor is a clear one designed for night rides. Both of these visors have wind and fog resistance, just adding to the awesomeness of this modular helmet. 

The ventilation system of this helmet is another notable feature, and six air vents are available. The top and the front side have two vents, each of which is adjustable. At the back, there are two other vents. The ventilation of this helmet does a decent job of keeping your head cool in summer.

For safety standards, it has both the ECE and DOT certifications that make it safe and legal for both US and European markets.

  • Great design aesthetic
  • Affordable for most people
  • Lightweight build
  • Comfortable interior
  • Removable and washable internal cushions
  • Excellent ventilation
  • It comes in four different sizes
  • Seventeen different colour options are available
  • It comes with a quick-release buckle
  • Noise suppression is not great
  • The chin clip is a bit hard to adjust

Vega Caldera 2 Modular Helmet – Best Minimalistic Looking Modular Helmet

Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Flip-Up Caldera 2 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Features and Specifications

  • Three adjustable air vent
  • DOT & ECE approved
  • 5-year warranty
  • Vega accident replacement protection
  • Comfort Tech Wick-Dri Liner System

Next up in our list at number four is another excellent modular helmet that packs many features. Vega Helmets is a known name in the field of helmets, and this time too, they didn’t disappoint us. This modular helmet seems like a complete package combining design, safety, features, and comfort.

Unlike most other modular helmets in the market, Vega decided to keep the design profile as low as possible. As they kept the designing aspect down, it allowed them to build a modular helmet that looks simple, more practical, aerodynamic, and, most importantly, lightweight. This helmet weighs mere 3.5 pounds.

If you need to communicate with others frequently while riding, this helmet can be an excellent choice for you. EPS of this helmet comes pre-drilled. You can easily fit the com system of your choice in there with ease.

There is a dropdown inner shield at the front, and this is 30% larger than the previous Caldera to provide a much broader point of view.

Comfort is another good aspect as this modular helmet features Vega’s comfort tech wick-dri liner to ensure maximum comfort. You can breeze through long sessions of riding wearing this modular helmet. Waterproof design keeps the interior and your com system dry in rainy weather.

Vega ensured this bike’s safety by meeting DOT and ECE standards, making it eligible for the two biggest markets, the US and Europe. The high density of the EPS (Expanded polystyrene foam) inside this modular helmet can minimize the damage or any significant impact.

Finally, Vega provides a 5-year warranty and accident replacement protection to help you with their service for an extended period.

  • Quick-release strap system
  • It can be used as a snowmobile helmet
  • Dropdown visor with an accessible lever switch
  • Super lightweight
  • High-density channelled airflow EPS liner
  • Vega’s exclusive comfort system
  • Minimalistic look
  • Wider than most visors
  • Pre-drilled EPS to fit most com systems
  • Ventilation is a little off
  • Noise issue

Buying Guide – Best Modular Helmets under 200$

Helmets are pretty straightforward things made to protect your head while riding. As simple as a helmet’s function sounds, buying one can get tricky and confusing.

We sat down for this modular helmet buying guide and asked ourselves the key things that make a modular helmet great. After a great deal of research, we came up with the answers and provided them in this complete buying guide.

Safety Standards

Safety should always be on top of your consideration list, as this is the main reason you are buying a helmet in the first place. There are many areas of a modular helmet where you can compromise, but safety is the only area where you shouldn’t.

Modular helmets usually have a flip-up visor at the front, but you should ride with the visor/ shield by no means. A modular helmet must meet safety regulations and be certified by related authorities to be road legal and safe.

DOT in NA (Department of Transportation) and ECE in EU (European Economic Commission) are two examples of safety certifications a helmet need before being considered safe. Additionally, you can look for SNELL certification too to know if your helmet is safe.

Comfort and Practicality

Modular helmets are usually considered as one of the most comfortable helmets in the market. The ability to flip the front visor up and down gives it an edge over other types of helmets.

When buying one, we recommend focusing more on comfort and practicability instead of looks and design. Check out the quality of the internal liner, cheek pad, and comfort pad before buying a modular helmet.

Good Ventilation

Ventilation is not usually something many people consider at first. In reality, it has great significance, and you may notice experienced riders complaining about the helmet ventilation.

Proper ventilation helmets can keep you in summer or on long rides. When you are buying a new modular helmet, don’t forget to check out the vents at the front and the exhaust vents at the back.

Sizing and Shape

The most important aspect of a comfortably fit helmet is determining the shape and size of both the helmet and your head. As helmets don’t have a universal size chart, getting the expected size’s a little complicated.

Different brands and sometimes different models from the same brand can offer significantly different fits. Apparently, many bikers fail to understand that the internal shape has to be matched to get the perfect fit apart from the shape or size outside.


Price should never be the primary factor in deciding the helmet, but many people around would like a modular helmet at an affordable price. Finding the perfect balance between affordability and overall quality would be best to get the best value for your money.

Sometimes people seem to have a common misconception that pricier products tend to deliver better quality. This statement is not correct at all, and we’ve seen some of the least expensive modular helmets to provide better fit and quality.


Q: What is the best modular motorcycle helmet?

A: Any helmet that can meet the required safety regulations is better than riding without a helmet. Safety and fit should be the first thing you should look for for modular helmets.

What’s the “best” modular helmet? The answer to this question varies from person to person as different people have different priorities.

Q: Why should I get a modular helmet?

A: Convenience for day-to-day use is the main reason behind choosing modular helmets. With modular helmets, you can stop at shops, gas stations or even chat at a traffic stop without removing your helmet. This makes modular helmets particularly handy, especially around town or for your daily errands.

Q: Are modular motorcycle helmets safe?

A: Despite what some people may complain about, modular helmets came a long way after their invention to build quality and safety. Nowadays, modular helmets are no less safe than regular full-face helmets.

As long as it meets all the federal safety regulations or is DOT/ECE certified, it would be best to not worry about safety.

Q: Full Face, Open Face, or Modular – What are the key differences?

A: Main difference between these three types of helmets is in the build and design. Some people consider full-face helmets as the safest option as they cover your whole face.

Open-face helmets, as the name states, keep your face uncovered and let you enjoy the fresh air at the cost of the minimum amount of safety.
Finally, modular helmets offer the best of both worlds, and you get the protection of your entire face with the freedom of enjoying the fresh air and getting other jobs done without removing the helmet.

Q: Is modular helmet quiet?

A: Like any other modern helmets sold these days, modular helmets have great design and aerodynamics management to make it quiet as possible. But the level of quietness may vary from model to model, and if you are not satisfied, there is always an option available to use ear protection.  

Q: Which materials are the best for modular helmets?

A: Usually, there are four different materials that different manufacturers use for their modular helmets. The materials are fibreglass, polycarbonate, carbon, and composites. In different crash tests, only Carbon or a mixture of Kevlar and carbon had the best results, followed by composite, fibreglass, and polycarbonate.


As you may have already figured out, all the modular motorcycle helmets available on the market are not the same in terms of quality and features as any other product we use in our day-to-day lives. Not everything is made equal.

You can choose to go with any of the five modular helmets we discussed; all are excellent options. To choose the best one to fit your need, analyze our review, consider your priorities, and get the one you think is perfect for you.

After reading our full review of the best modular helmet review for cruisers and the buying guide, we hope you probably get a good idea about the different aspects of modular helmets and why a modular helmet is a great option.

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