How can you keep your motorcycle from getting stolen?

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A motorcycle helmet is a safety gear that you must use if you are a rider. The problem, however, arises when you have to park your bike because the helmet often gets stolen.

How can you keep your motorcycle helmet from getting stolen? Should you carry it with you everywhere you go or should you leave it on your bike? Are there any safety measures you can take to ensure your helmet is safe and secure?

If you’ve recently bought a fancy helmet or already own one and are worried about keeping it safe, read this article to find answers.

Measures you can take to keep your motorcycle helmets safe

When you park your bike, you have many options to choose from. Whether you want to take it with you or leave it on the vehicle decide which option you use.

Measures you can take to keep your motorcycle helmets safe

Carrying your helmet with you

Carrying your helmet with you gives a sense of security because you know it won’t be stolen or tampered with. It may not always be the most convenient option, but it is almost always the safest.

This option is more convenient if you own a lightweight helmet, but if your helmet is heavy and bulky, this can be a pain in the neck.

Keeping it in a backpack

Keeping your helmet in a backpack is an option you should consider. You can either use your hiking backpack or get an actual helmet backpack for this. A helmet backpack is a particularly designed bag that allows you to carry it more easily, giving you more freedom and convenience. You also have more room in your backpack for things like water, lunch, and other necessities.

Using a Helmet Lock

The most popular option for keeping motorcycle helmets is probably helmet locks. This is a widely used option although it doesn’t guarantee 100% safety. The locks are available in different shapes and styles so you can choose the one that suits you the best.

The pad lock allows you to fit your helmet snugly around the motorcycle. You can also easily fasten the lock from the handlebar.

The chain lock is another option you can take. It lets you fasten your helmet to the motorcycle. You can also knot it to add strength.

Leaving your helmet unlocked on bike

This one is possibly the least safe option you can take, and is definite to result in your helmet being stolen sooner or later. If you don’t stick close to your bike, you may not find your helmet where you’ve kept it. Use this option only when you’re sticking close by your bike or parking in a safe area and you’ll be returning soon. 

Benefits of Keeping the Helmet with You

Carrying your helmet with you is unarguably the most effective way of keeping it safe. It’s unlikely that anyone will try to steal it from you because you’ll always have your eyes on it.

If your helmet is new or worth a decent amount of money, carrying it with you will give you peace of mind because you know no one’s going to steal it from you.

This is a fantastic idea if you’re in a shady area where your bike might be tampered with. It’s not the most convenient technique, but it’s usually the safest, especially if you’re not sure how long you’ll be gone.

Drawbacks of Carrying the Helmet with You

This one is a self-explanatory point because carrying a helmet isn’t always as simple as it looks. And it gets worse if yours is heavy and bulky.  

It’s almost impossible to do any shopping while holding your helmet. If you want to use both of your hands, you’ll have to leave it somewhere sitting.

Benefits of Leaving the Helmet on the Bike

The first benefit of leaving your helmet on the bike is that you’ll have your hands free. This is usually more convenient, especially if the helmet is large, bulky, or difficult to transport.

If you’re going to lunch, you won’t have any trouble fitting the helmet onto a chair next to you. However, shopping for clothes or running errands is still difficult because you must keep them in your hand at all times. It will irritate and tire you out even more.

Leaving it on a motorcycle provides better overall comfort and convenience, but only provided it is properly fastened. You’ll have more free hands to enjoy whatever activity you’re doing or to complete it more swiftly.

Benefits of Leaving the Helmet on the Bike

Drawbacks of Leaving the Helmet with the Bike

Leaving your helmet with the bike is never completely safe. Yes, you can use locks but they are not theft-proof. You’ll indeed have your hands free if you leave your helmet on the bike, but it comes down to whether the comfort is worth the risk.

My suggestion is to leave it with your bike only if you’re sticking close by your bike or the area is safe and you’ll be returning to your bike soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take a helmet on a plane?

Yes, you can fly with a helmet. You can take it aboard as a personal item, but keep in mind that it won’t fit under the seat in front of you, so you’ll have to store it in the overhead lockers.

Can your helmet be stolen while it is locked to the bike?

Sadly, yes. Locks are not theft-proof. If the thief has the right tools and enough time, s/he can easily cut the cable or remove any part of your bike to steal the helmet.

Locks are ideal when you’re out running errands or eating lunch at a restaurant, but they are not the safest option when you’ll be gone for hours or the neighborhood is unsecure. 


To keep your helmet from getting stolen, you can choose any of the methods described above. While some options are safer than others, it really depends on where you go and park your bike.

If you’re going to the store for five minutes or so, you probably don’t need to carry the helmet with you. However, when you know you’ll be gone for hours, it’s best to lock it or bring it with you.

Finally, think about the peace of mind and the difficulty of transporting your helmet as well as if you will be able to rest if you leave it on the motorcycle before deciding on any of the methods mentioned above.

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