Alien vs Predator Motorcycle Helmet

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The alien vs predator movie has hyped people into creating some of the most amazing customs and helmets available nowadays.

The predator is a fictional character, the most powerful hunter in the galaxy, who is in search of the ultimate prey, the alien.

Inspired by this movie many people wish to wear the helmets worn by these characters while riding their motorcycles. But many are concerned if predator helmets are legal or not.

In this article, we will go over the differences between alien versus predator motorcycle helmets and clarify if predator helmets are DOT approved or not.

General Appearance of The Helmet

General Appearance of The Helmet

There are a variety of designs for a predator helmet. As the design varies from one manufacturer to another, they all share some common features as they all represent the same fictional character.

A predator helmet’s overall structure is a bit larger than a classic motorcycle helmet.

It has braided ropes coming out of the back which represents the predator’s hair.

Some have LEDs in the front which represent the predators glowing eyes.

Protection of Predator Helmets

Most prop helmets and accessories are mainly for show but a motorcyclist buying such a helmet will need it to be strong enough to protect them during an accident.

Due to its slightly larger size, a predator helmet can provide more room for a larger EPS liner so that the helmet can provide ample protection to the wearer.

The visor of such a helmet usually has LEDs for use as a prop. Most manufacturers ensure that the visor still maintains its usual characteristics such as being able to move up and down while protecting the user from dust and air.

Most predator helmets become quite heavy if made by the traditional materials which may cause fatigue after extended use.

Moreover, having strands of braided ropes in the back of the will add to the weight every time the wearer moves their head around.

This is why it is advised to spend a little more money and get a helmet whose shell is made of carbon fiber.

Moreover, some factory-made predator helmets are DOT approved which ascertains the user that the helmet can protect them during an accident while still being fashionable.

Accessibility of Predator Helmets

As the helmets are custom made and represent the characteristics of a movie character, you might think that they are difficult to come by and it requires quite a lot of effort to acquire one.

But in reality, the predator helmets are so popular that factories have started to mass-produce them.

These manufacturers ensure that their products are manufactured to be both protective and able to accurately represent the character.

The predator helmets produced by such manufacturers can be found on nearby motorcyclist shops or even online on websites such as amazon.

If you decide to buy a predator helmet from such a site, you should make sure that the size of the helmet properly fits you.

Due to its irregular shape and size, the helmet’s measurements might vary depending on the manufacturer from whom you decide to buy the helmet.

Basic Comfort issues

Basic Comfort issues

The predator helmet is mainly built for its looks and durability. Although some manufacturers will consider the comfort of the wearer, the overall structure of the helmet does pose some features which the user has to face a hassle with.

The helmet being oversized and being covered with props will make it difficult for airflow. Thus, the user might often feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, some manufacturers do not put a mechanism to open the visor which further causes suffocation.

Furthermore, the lack of ventilation makes it difficult for the user to hear the sounds of other vehicles and signals on the road which may even cause the helmet to fail the DOT standards. Even if made of carbon, the helmet will still feel slightly heavy.

The unorthodox shape and size will often lead to the user misjudging the placement of the hamlet and bumping it quite often.

The braided ropes on the top will hit the shell quite often resulting in a noisy experience for the wearer.

Some helmets end up having little space inside despite the larger side due to a larger EPS liner for protection.

This makes it nearly impossible for people with prescription glasses to use these helmets.

Fortunately, manufacturers are aware of these problems so high-quality predator helmets come with ventilation holes on the top and back.

The braided ropes are often kept short to avoid entanglement and are unnecessary noise creation.

While ordering they come with a certain level of customization so that all types of users can use their helmets.


Pricing of The Helmet

As expected, the price of the helmet depends on the amount of security and comfort it provides.

But the price also scales with the attention to details of the helmet.

A helmet with alien inscriptions and prints along with more realistic designs that make the helmet more fashionable while still maintaining aerodynamic will cost significantly more than one which only provides security and comfort.

A DOT-approved and well-detailed predator helmet will cost anywhere between US $200 and $350.

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The predator helmet is not patented by a single manufacturer which causes a difference in quality depending on the manufacturer.

Thus, when asked “are predator helmets DOT approved?” the answer depends on the manufacturer.

Most manufacturers aim to make sure that their predator helmets are DOT approved if their target customers are motorcycle enthusiasts.

Some manufacturers who only aim to market their products for cosplay will not be DOT approved.

So, it is up to the user to ensure that they do sufficient research on the helmet and its manufacturers before ordering one to ensure that their predator helmet meets the DOT standards.

We hope this article has helped you know the differences between alien versus predator motorcycle helmets.

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