How to Connect BILT Bluetooth Helmet

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Who doesn’t like to listen to music while riding a bike? And what about the important calls you miss while on the road? Stopping the bike again and again to receive calls can be annoying. And this is why a Bluetooth helmet is there to save you!

The bikers are raving about the BiLT Bluetooth Helmet among the Bluetooth helmets. But to enjoy the features, do you have to connect it first? Do you know how to connect BiLT Bluetooth helmet? No worries, we’ll tell you!

Connect BILT Bluetooth Helmet

BiLT Bluetooth Helmet battery replacement

You have to go through some easy steps to connect the Mobile Phone to the Bluetooth helmet. Check them out!

  • First, you have to find the Center Button and press it. Do not release it. Keep holding it. You have to keep your hold there for about 12 seconds. After 12 seconds, you will listen to a voice prompt CONFIGURATION MENU.
  • So, it will help in the configuration. Now, search for the plus “+” button. Once you find it, tap it. Just like before, do not release it. Keep holding the “+” button for a while. After a while, you will hear another voice prompt saying PHONE PARING.
  • Now you know that your phone is ready for the paring! All you need to do is get your hands on your phone now and go for the Bluetooth option. You must search for new devices once you get into the Bluetooth settings. The BiLT Bluetooth Helmet device might already show in the list. If you do not see it, refresh and search for new devices.
  • After a while, you will see a device named the BiLT Bluetooth helmet listed among the available devices. All you need to do is tap on it to pair it up. After you tap it, it will be connected. In some cases, you might require an additional PIN for this. If you are asked, you have to put 0000 as a PIN. However, most devices do not ask for any PIN or CODE.
  • When you tap it and provide the necessary PIN if required, you will see that your phone will confirm the completion of the pairing. You will see that the Bluetooth helmet is now connected to your phone, and it is ready to use!

For confirmation, you will hear another voice prompt saying, “Your Headset is Paired.” So, you are ready to enjoy the Bluetooth helmet facilities by BiLT only by tapping your phone!


The pairing process only takes more or less three minutes. And if you see that it isn’t working within three minutes, the helmet headset will go back to standby mode. You have to repeat the process from the beginning if you want to connect it.

BiLT & Sedici Bluetooth Helmet Pairing Guide

Connection Recovery

  • Even after learning how to connect the BiLT Bluetooth helmet to the phone properly, the Bluetooth connection between your Bluetooth helmet and the phone might sometimes be disconnected. This can happen while you are driving, too!

Whether you are outside having fun with your friends or riding a bike, all you need to do is go for the Center Button of the Bluetooth helmet and press it. You have to press and hold it for a while. Three seconds is enough in this case. This will help in recovering the Bluetooth connection once again!

  • Sometimes, when you love to listen to music and connect the Bluetooth helmet to the media player, in this case, the disconnection happens while you are on the road off to somewhere. If the connection is disconnected, you must go to the centre button again. Just like before, press the centre button.

The best part is you do not need to hold for long in this situation. One second is enough to hold the Center button. It will easily recover the connection between your media player and the BiLT Bluetooth helmet.

Multipoint Device Connection

Sometimes, you might want to connect your BiLT Bluetooth headphones and go for multipoint pairing. How can you connect it, then? Let’s check out how to do it!

  • For this, once again, go through the Bluetooth helmet and press the Center button. In this case, you must hold the button for about 12 seconds. Then, you will listen to the voice prompt “Configuration Menu.”
  • Now, you must tap the “+” button like before. But here, you must hold it until you hear the “Multipoint Paring” voice prompt.
  • It is time to search for Bluetooth devices. Go for the HFP and search for a BiLT helmet there. Once you find it the way we mentioned above, you have to go for it. For pin, press 0000.
  • And then, the device will confirm the connection by the “Your Headset is Paired” voice prompt. You are ready to enjoy your bike journey now!
Multipoint Device Connection

Wrap Up

So, listening to music or receiving calls even when on the road isn’t tough anymore. Get your hands on a BiLT Bluetooth helmet and connect it to the phone in the way we mentioned. And you do not need to worry about a boring journey after this! Your bike rides will be worry-free and enjoyable!  

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