How to Make Motorcycle Helmet Bigger

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Motorcycle helmets have developed a lot these days. If you check the market, you will see helmets available in round, long, and intermediate oval. Even after buying the right shape and size, sometimes, the helmet gets too tight for us.

What can you do with a helmet that is too tight? How can you make it fit better? How to make a motorcycle helmet bigger if it is too tight? Today, we will tell you how you can save money by buying a new helmet if it is tight!

Step-by-Step Stretching the Motorcycle Helmet

Stretching the Motorcycle Helmet

Is a motorcycle helmet stretchable? This is a common question, and the answer is yes. The inner part of the bike helmet is made of pads. You can push the interior and make it larger. Now, that question concerns making motorcycle helmets bigger for a perfect fit. Here are three methods of making it larger; take a look!

Organic Stretching

When you buy a motorcycle helmet, it usually does not come in a customized design. And so it is tough for the helmet to fit your head perfectly. But keep in mind that if you get a helmet that is a little tight, you don’t need to loosen it. Instead, after wearing it for a while, it will loosen a little already. The best way to loosen the helmet a little is to wear it.

If you wear it for a long period, it will surely stretch. The memory foam inside the helmet will stretch when you wear it for a long period. Then, it will take the shape of your head gradually. The pad inside is what is pressing your head too much. Once the pad is loose, it will fit comfortably on your head.

Soccer Ball Stretching

Using a ball is another easy way to stretch the helmet and make it bigger. Yes, if your helmet is too tight with this method, you can easily learn how to make a motorcycle helmet bigger and fit better! Check out the step-by-step process to stretch your helmet!

  • First, you have to get your hands on any expandable. Here, we are using a soccer ball. Get a soccer ball and deflate the ball first.
  • Once the ball is flattened, you must take it and get it inside your tight helmet. And when the ball is inside your helmet, you only need to inflate it again! When you inflate it, the ball will gradually get bigger. Do not go for too little air. Ensure the air inside the ball is enough to fit tightly inside.
  • And now, all you need to do is wait here. The expandable inside the helmet will do its work. As the ball is tight inside, it will push the helmet’s inner body. And slowly, the padding and the inner part will get loose. The best thing you can do is keep the ball inside for more than 24 hours.
  • While leaving the ball, you can go for water sprays. With it, dampen the padding inside of your helmet. It will help you expand the helmet a little more! After you damp the padding with the soccer ball inside, keep it this way for 24 hours. If you can’t wait 24 hours, the whole night will do the work for you!
  • When you finish the 24 hours, you must take out the ball. Once again, you have to deflate the ball while it is inside the helmet. Once you deflate it, you can take it out easily. Now, wear your helmet and check if it fits properly or not. If it doesn’t, repeat the method with more air pressure inside the ball!

Straps Stretching

If you want to make the helmet bigger to fit better without pushing the interior padding and the helmet, you can settle for this method. Yes, straps are a great way to make the helmet larger and fit better. You can easily stretch the straps if the helmet’s too tight on your neck or chin area.

This is an easy method; just as you stretch chewing gum, you have to hold and stretch it. Do not stretch too much. Instead, we suggest you stretch it little by little regularly. Slowly, the straps will loosen, and the helmet will be bigger for you!

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Wrap Up

Nothing can make the helmet fit perfectly if you choose the wrong shape of your head. And this is the reason we recommend checking before you buy. From the head shapes available to the right head measurement, check everything.

It will stop you from buying the wrong size! And if it is still a bit tight, the stretching methods for the motorcycle helmet are there to save you!

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