How to Determine Head Shape for Motorcycle Helmet

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Who cares about the head shape of a bike helmet? Nobody does until they have a bad headache wearing it while driving or the ultimate discomfort for the improper size! So, all we can say is you must learn how to determine head shape for motorcycle helmet if you want a comfortable journey!

Apart from that, if you have an amazing fashion sense, you wouldn’t like to get the improper size, would you? Why would you invest so much in a product that doesn’t fit right?

Here is a guide to help you with the shapes of motorcycle helmets so that your voyages are safe, fashionable, and relaxed. Get your eyes on it biker!

How to Determine Head Shape for Motorcycle Helmet

The Shape of the Helmets: Shape Compilation

Just like you customize your outfit that fits your body perfectly, you need to check the helmet size for your perfect fit. No, not all the head shapes are the same. And so, there are also differences among the different types of bike helmet shapes.

If we are given the chance of selecting the shape of the helmet, we will naturally talk about the oval shape and the round shape. But this will happen if we don’t know anything about it. If we have enough idea then we will go through the specific shapes that vary a lot from others.

In short, it is a motorcycle helmet fit guide with three different shapes. Let us learn about the outlines and decide which one to buy!

Round Oval Helmet

If you search the market properly, you will see that this one is very uncommon in the market. It means that fewer people buy round helmets as most of them go for the other oval ones. What is a round oval helmet? In these helmets, the width of the helmet is just equal to the length. So, the measurement of the wide and long are the same here.

Some rare people have a soccer-shaped head. If you are one of them, this one is the key for you! As these helmets are a little wide on the sides if you compare them to the other helmet sizes, you will find pressures on the head sides if you plan to go for the regular-sized helmet.

Here, a regular shaped helmet refers to the intermediate helmet as these are most common to the users of bikes. To release the pressure, go for the round oval helmet.

Long Oval Helmet

If you have a long head but instead of a round shape, you have a thin head, how to determine head shape for a motorcycle helmet that is appropriate for you? In such a situation, the long oval helmet is the key! Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about the shape of wide football from the upper position.

If you have a head like that, always swipe right for the long oval helmets. When you decide on buying a new helmet for the bike and you go for the standard intermediate helmets, you will see that the product is very loose at the front and rear part of your head.

And if, we recommend you to go for the long oval helmets as these provide you tighter area at the front part and the back part providing you a comfortable yet safe fit.

Intermediate Oval Helmet


Now, let us discuss the most common and used helmet shape of the market. If you count the majority, yes, most of the people will get them an intermediate oval helmet and will feel comfortable in it. You know that the majority of human heads are shaped oval.

And so, the width of the head is a little shorter than the length. However, the difference between the length and width is not too much here. There is a balance and there is a moderate ratio between the width and length. Let us again bring the example of the soccer ball. If you look at your head or take a picture of your head from above, your head will look like a squashed soccer ball! And not to forget, it won’t look like a wide football.

If you have such a head, an easy motorcycle helmet fitting advice for you is to buy an intermediate oval helmet. Finding the right fit with this shape is easier than the other ones. Once you know the shape of your helmet, you can easily measure the head circumference and then determine the head size for the bike helmet.

The Size of the Helmet: The Correct Measurement

Once you have selected the right shape for your head, the right measurement is vital. If you pick up the right shape but cannot get the right-sized helmet, it will eventually be too tight or too loose. All your effort will go in vain if you do so!

In this step, you have to measure the exact circumference of your head and match it with your helmet. Keep in mind that the right fit will not be too tight to make you uncomfortable. Also, it won’t be too loose to question the safety.

Take a measuring tape and place it on your head. You have to position it exactly above the eyebrows. Take the measurement and write it down. And with these two measurements, you and the suitable helmet!

The Trial of Helmet

Now it is time to give it a shot! Never pick up a helmet that you haven’t tried. No matter how perfectly you have measured the shape and size, you can still lag if you do not try it on. Wear the helmet and check the fitment. Wearing it for a few seconds will not work.

Certify that you are wearing it for at least 15-20 minutes so that you get to know how well it fits. And once you get the one you are searching for, you are done! Take your helmet, wear it and go for a ride! The ride will surely be comfortable and contended! You deserve the right fitment when you invest your money. So, do it wisely!

Head Shapes And Motorcycle Helmets

Wrap Up

We think picking up a helmet will be enough for us but that’s not the case when you want to keep the balance between safety and fashion. Also, if the helmet is too tight or too loose, you will surely feel discomfort! Along with the shape understanding, the right measurement of the product is also necessary!

Go through the shapes we have mentioned to find out how to determine head shape for motorcycle helmets. And then, check out the blog for the right method of measuring the circumference of the product. Once you get it done, you will feel blessed!

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