How to Measure Head Circumference for Helmet?

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Yes, you did amazing research on buying your favorite bike but what about your safety? When the question of safety arises beside a bike, the name of the helmet comes in! Yes, just wearing the right-sized helmet can save you! But how to measure head circumference for helmet to know the right size?

Yes, there is a lot of confusion regarding the size of the helmet. If the size is not right, it will be uncomfortable. And this can also be a reason for accidents too if you are not careful enough!

So, today’s deal is to learn about how to take the head measurement of a helmet easily!

How to measure Head Circumference for Helmet?

Step by Step Measuring Head Circumference for Helmet

Go through the step-by-step process if you learn how to measure head circumference for helmet and select the best deal!

Step 1: Understanding the Helmet Shape

Before you get your hands on measuring the head circumference for your helmet, you have to go through the right shape of the head. Yes, there are differences in the shape of your head.

So, the helmet you are going to pick up should match the shape of your head. No matter you are trying this on with the regular helmet or the bike helmet; space should be the priority when it comes to the fitment.

In short, for the right head measurement for helmet, we have to discuss the helmet shape and which one will fit you. Let us discuss it in detail.

Round Oval Helmet Shape:

As the name says, the shape of this helmet is oval but round! The helmets of all shapes are naturally oval from the top to the bottom. The reason is our face is oval. But the difference between the shapes here depends on the front to the back of the helmet. From the front part to the back, this helmet is round in size, and from up to bottom it is oval. If your face is more round-shaped, you can go for this. In short, the side-to-side size and the front-to-back size here will be equal here.

Intermediate Oval Helmet Shape:

In these oval helmet shapes, you will see that the front to back part of the helmet is a little bit longer than the side-to-side length. If you go to the market and ask for a helmet, you will see that these are more common than the other ones.

Long Oval Helmet Shape:

measure Head Circumference for Helmet

You already know what it is by the name of the helmet. Yes, this helmet is more oval than the other helmet shapes mentioned here. Here, the shape of the helmet head is longer from front-to-back and the side-to-side size length is short. If you compare these with the others, you will see that they are long or tall in size.

Step 2: Measure the Head

Now that you have checked out which shape of helmet you prefer, you can start by measuring the head. This is why we are here for! For this, you will need a measuring tape first. Get your hands on a measuring tape and go to the mirror. If you have another person helping you out, you can let him do this work.

If you do not have a helping hand, a mirror can be quite helpful in this case. First of all, you have to take the tape is wrap it around your head. The position of the tape while measuring is also a very important fact here. Check your eyebrows in the mirror and place the tape right above the eyebrows. In cases, people often hold the tape too tight.

Certify that you are not doing it. Rather, it should lay flat on the forehead and not make you uncomfortable. Also, you must be wrapping the measuring tape in the same line around your head not making any curve. As we have already told you, it will be easy for you to get help but if you have to do it alone, you can add some tricks.

For taking the right measurement, you can cross the ends of your measuring tape keeping them in the front part of your head or the forehead. In this way, you can see it properly and read the measurement correctly.

Step 3: Read the Measurement

So, you are done with the tough part which is taking the measurement. After this, it is time for you to read the measurement. The best thing you can do here is taking more than one measurement. Move the measuring tape a little and take measurements.

Three measurements will be enough for the right circumference. In this case, take a notepad and write down all the measurements. Check for the largest measurement and mark this one. This is the measurement you need for buying the helmet from the market!

Step 4: Select the Helmet Size

Once you have got the right helmet size, you are free to go to the market or go to an online website and buy your favorite helmet. For this, first, you need to, choose the helmet type. Now, keep in mind that helmets for mountain bikes will be different for leisure helmets or one for BMX racing. Choose what you need and then go through the size of the helmet.

The helmets of this age are usually designed in a manner that you can easily fit your right fit. At times, you can also find helmets where there are three sizes like large, medium, and small. Go for the one that fits you. Here is a helmet size chart in mm. for your better understanding. Check it out!

Step 5: Try the Helmet

Most people ignore this point but this is one of the most important things when you are going to buy a thing that you will wear frequently. Let us tell you that you can’t try it on if you are buying online. In that case, check the size along with the reviews to learn more about it.

And if you are buying from local markets, don’t forget to try it on. Put it on and adjust the chin strap of your helmet. All you need to do is ensure that the helmet is not a snug fit or not too loose. You must feel comfortable wearing it!

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Wrap Up

Now that you have learned how to measure head circumference for helmets for the bikes or other use, you can select one without any issues! The only important fact here is to learn how to measure your head and then you can easily decide the size.

Make sure you note down the size so that you don’t do any mistakes. Surely the wrong sized helmet is going to make your road life terrible! Who wants that!

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