How To Tell If A Motorcycle Helmet Is Still Good? Learn The Helmet Facts

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One can tell a helmet’s health by inspecting a number of things. Firstly, the shell, if the shell is intact, the helmet is good. Again, a helmet that has an untouched surface may become fragile if it crosses five years. However, there are some other factors that determine the health of a helmet.

In addition, the second most expensive aspect for a biker is the helmet. A biker without a helmet is similar to a body without outwear. Behind this, there is a massive reason: a good helmet reduces the chance of severe harm by 90% to 99%.

So, we shall discuss how to tell if a motorcycle helmet is still good from every corner. Let’s have the tune.

How To Check Motorcycle Helmet Expiry Date To Determine Its Health

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A bike with a healthy helmet is vital. Hence, we must not circumvent the importance of understanding a helmet’s life. However, we shall talk about the elements that will prove the overall health of your shell.

In addition, a helmet from a certified band will consist of a motorcycle helmet manufacture date. Let’s know all the key points to determine the helmet’s life.

General Inspections

The first task you need to perform is the general inspection. It is a crucial part of having knowledge about the helmet’s life. Follow the straightforward steps. First, rub your palm on the shell of a helmet. You will feel the scratches if there are any.

Now, look at the helmet’s outer shell and pay significant attention to the scratches. If the scratches are not that deep, the shell is still healthy to protect you.

But, if the scratches are deep, the helmet is not ownable, or you can purchase it under a number of conditions.

Manufacturing Date

The second crucial thing is the manufacturing date of a helmet. Every helmet has a temper, and at a certain time, the shell loses its ability to keep you safe. Some of the helmets from local brands can serve you only for a maximum of 3 years.

On the other hand, reputed companies certified helmets can last up to 7 years without losing any quality. So, how to check the manufacturing date is vital to know. However, do DOT motorcycle helmets expire?

DOT is a helmet-producing company and is immensely known for its amazing helmets with certifications. You can use a helmet from this production house for 7 years.

In the first instance, you need to inspect the helmet and look for the black UBG tag on it. Once you find it, peel the UBG sticker, and the date will be there.

You will find a number; the last two digits are the manufacturing year. This is how you can check the expiry date and what to do with an expired motorcycle helmet, simply trash it. And if it is on sale, respond to the seller with a few negative words.

Check The Impact Absorption Liner

Why do we use helmets? The prime purpose of using a helmet is to absorb any shock on our heads. So, it is important to check the shock-absorbing system called the impact absorption liner. Firstly, flip the helmet and torch on the inner area.

Now, check the inner absorption liner carefully to see if it is still like steel or not. It would be best if you also tapped the dubious area to check its rigidness. If everything is okay, you can certainly go for it. Otherwise, do not step forward at all.

Chin Strap Checking

The eventual aspect to check is the chin strip of the helmet. Many reports say many accidents occur due to loose or non-functioning chin straps.

In addition, sometimes, the helmet falls apart and causes harm to other people. Therefore, one must check the chin strap carefully and with force indeed.

First, check the lock of the strap to see if it works properly or not. Now, lock the chin strap and pull in two directions. You have to create pressure to check the sturdiness of the lock here.

If the lock becomes unable to hold the strap together, the chin strap lock is broken. However, the pressure should be moderate according to a rough assumption.

Before purchasing a used or 2nd-hand helmet, it is important to check the helmet properly. The best is to buy an intact helmet from a recognized brand. It is not meager if you purchase a branded helmet from any person.

But you must check the authenticity of it by having the knowledge of how to tell if a motorcycle helmet is still good. There are plenty of clones in the market, which may cause confusion and that’s why we recommend only authorized shops or outlets as a purchase point.


  1. How do you tell if a helmet is expired?

    Answer: There are a number of signs that will tell you about the expiry of a helmet. But the foremost one is the manufacturing date.
    Every helmet from branded houses has an expiry date.

    So, if the age of the helmet is 7 years and above, it is no longer useful. Some general brands’ helmets are not useful after 3rd year of use.

  2. Do motorcycle helmets have a shelf life?

    Answer: Yes, motorcycle helmets have their shelf life. Motorcycle helmets from well-recognized brands can last up to 7 years without any hassle. Again, helmets from general brands can’t serve you for more than three years.

    It completely depends on the brands and their certifications. We also recommend checking the authenticity of the certificate of a brand that you desire to purchase a helmet from.

  3. Is there an expiry date on helmets?

    Answer: Like any other object, a helmet also has an expiry date. It entirely depends on the brand that is producing the helmet and also the quality of the materials.

    However, a magnificent helmet can last up to 7 years. Yet, we suggest changing your helmet after 3 to 5 years depending on the brand.

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