What Are Motorcycles Helmet Shell Made Of? – The Optimal Structure Of A Helmet

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There are several things that we use daily that are meant to be sturdy so that they can protect us from various hazards. Polycarbonate plastic is the material that is used to build the outer shell of a helmet. The surface solely does not make the helmet. There are some other elements, too, such as visors, pads, and others.

A helmet is an object that we use for daily motorcycle riding purposes. We also use it for bicycle riding. But the helmets we use for bicycling are different by weight and function.

However, a motorcycle helmet must be as sturdy as a rock. Otherwise, there are plenty of chances of getting wounded in the head by accidents.

Let’s know some more details about what are motorcycles’ helmet shells made of and how they are made totally.

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 Motorcycles Helmet Shell Made Of

A motorcycle helmet is a simple-looking object but consists of profound engineering. If we split a motorcycle helmet into two, four parts will come up. Each of the parts has different purposes and different materials.

First comes the helmet outer shell material, which is polycarbonate plastic. Other elements are energy absorbing liner, comfort liner, and the strap for retention.

So, how it is made, let’s know about it.

Part 1, The Outer Shell

The outer shell of a motorcycle helmet is fully made of polycarbonate plastic. Firstly, the producers apply massive heat to the plastic. It releases all the air inside it. After that, they shrink the whole material and transform it into a thin steel-like sturdy material.

At the same time, by applying heat and turning it into a flexible plastic, the producers give it the recommended shape. Eventually, the time comes to paint and polish the helmet.

Part 2, Inner Part

Inside the helmet, you may have noticed a soft part that absorbs all the energy during any occurrence. It is called an energy-absorbing or impact-absorbing liner.

Generally, this part is stuck to the outer shell by commercial adhesive and cannot be replaced, though it is not required. The helmet material list that is used to make the energy-absorbing liner are-

  1. Fibre composites,
  2. Foams,
  3. Magneto-rheological fluids,
  4. Porous materials.

Part 3, Attaching Comfort Liner

The third part of a motorcycle helmet is the comfort liner. Its prime function is to keep the helmet stable on a face while comforting the rider. The comfort liner is made of Tunisian Alfa Fiber.

You can also find wool in some exclusive brands or a kevlar motorcycle helmet. Usually, the comfort liner is replaceable in most helmets.

motorcycle helmet

Part 4, The Chin Strap And Visor

The last task of building a motorcycle helmet is to attach a sturdy chin strap with a lock mechanism. Due to wind and speed, the chin strap holds the helmet with one’s face, so it does not fall apart.

After that, the visor is attached. And what are motorcycle helmet visors made of? Shockingly, it is also made of polycarbonate fiber plastic. The same material is used to make the outer shell.

A motorcycle helmet is a complex object that requires adequate engineering to build. Though it is important, what are motorcycles’ helmet shells made of? It is also important how it is made. It is not for you to build one; it is to enlighten you with the right knowledge. It will assist you towards the best helmet while purchasing.


What is the shell of a helmet made of?

Answer: The outer shell of a helmet is made of polycarbonate plastic material. In exclusive helmets, kevlar is also used to build the outer shell. Moreover, the visor of a helmet is also made of polycarbonate plastic.

Which three materials is this helmet made of?

Answer: A helmet has four parts. Each part is built with different materials. The vital three that ensure safety is-

1. First, the outer shell is made of polycarbonate plastic or Kevlar.
2. Secondly, the energy-absorbing liner is made of foam and fibre composites.
3. Lastly, the comfort liner is made of wool and Tunisian alfa fibre.

However, the chin strap and visor are also vital elements in a motorcycle helmet.

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